Direct from the Isle of Jura, Scotland, a 2.4-Minute Buie (Bowie) Family History Video

A fascinating little video from the Isle of Jura, Scotland on the origin of the Buie family. Thanks to Beacham McDougald for discovering it.

The Buies were descendants of Somerled, the first lord of the isles (the Western Hebrides) in the 12th century. They were followed by the McDonald lords. Their dominance ended in the late 15th century, though the leadership has been disputed.

Clan Campbell control of Jura followed the McDonalds, according to this post on Glasgow Benefactors.  “John McDonald entered into a treaty with Edward IV of England from which he anticipated he would become King of a large part of Scotland. This was not to be and the treaty proved to be undoing of Clan Donald paving the way for a long period of Clan Campbell control of Jura from the 17th century on.[ii]

Officially, Prince William is the titular Lord of the Isles. Sadly, no one with the surname Buie still lives on the Isle of Jura.

More from Jura Chronicles on Facebook.

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