30 Places to See in Europe

Of the 30 places the UK Telegraph says one must visit in Europe, I have seen 17: Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic; Gaudi's Barcelona; Sistene Chapel, Italy; Acropolis, Greece; Aya Sofia, Istanbul; Blue Mosque, Istanbul; Sainte Chapelle, Paris; Red Square, Moscow; Brandenberg Gate, Germany; Colosseum, Rome, Italy; Ephesus, Turkey; Eiffel Tower, Paris; Alhambra, Spain; Pantheon,... Continue Reading →


West’s Rebellions May Spark Instability and Endanger Democracies

The rise of Donald Trump in the US, the Brexit vote in the UK,  and increasing anti-EU sentiment in Europe might be explained by the following: The political base of the world's most reactionary forces appear to be blue-collar workers, under-educated suburban and rural citizens who miss out on their nations' prosperity, and who fear... Continue Reading →

Pope Francis Urges European Integration

For his work on behalf of European unification, Pope Francis has received the International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen, the German city where Charlemagne died and is buried. Charlemagne was king of the Franks who became Holy Roman Emperor in the ninth century. The Pope urged Europeans to recognize that “the identity of Europe is, and always has... Continue Reading →

5 Things Europe Could Learn From America

Rick Noack, a native of Germany, in The Washington Post offers five things Europeans could learn from America. But he doesn't seem to fully realize that Europe's weaknesses are also its strengths. Be more optimistic and more creative. Perhaps Europeans are less optimistic than Americans because they have such a long history (2000 years! incomprehensible to Americans).... Continue Reading →

Outline of European History, Over-Simplified

The traditional division is into eras: Ancient (Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic eras; Bronze Age, Iron Age); Classical (Greece and Rome), Medieval (Post-Roman Antiquity; Carolingian Era [Charlemagne]; Post-Carolingian Era [Viking and other European invasions -- Anglo-Saxons; Normans; High Middle Ages; Late Middle Ages;  Modern Era (beginning with Renaissance; continuing with Reformation; Baroque Era; Age of Empires; Colonialism; Revolutions;... Continue Reading →

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American History from European Perspective Offers New Insights

Studying European history, an American can gather new insights into American history. A few insights I have gathered so far: Without the ability to deport or encourage hundreds of thousands of dissidents, malcontents, criminals, rugged individualists, and religious fanatics to leave their home countries for North America, Europe would have exploded into hopeless centuries of... Continue Reading →

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Video Tutorials in European History

"In 1714, to prevent the crown falling into the hands of a Catholic, Britain shipped in a ready-made royal family from the small German state of Hanover." King George I and his feuding royal court. European history videos

Shocking Differences in Currency Values

Summer 2015 has been a great time for Americans to travel in European countries. The Euro has plunged to $1.11, compared to nearly $1.47 in 2011. So we found Spain and Ireland to be really cheap. I bought a Samsung Galaxy 4S, with nice protective cover, for $250 in Dublin. We stayed at really nice... Continue Reading →

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