West’s Rebellions May Spark Instability and Endanger Democracies

The rise of Donald Trump in the US, the Brexit vote in the UK,  and increasing anti-EU sentiment in Europe might be explained by the following: The political base of the world's most reactionary forces appear to be blue-collar workers, under-educated suburban and rural citizens who miss out on their nations' prosperity, and who fear... Continue Reading →


‘Boy in the Striped Pajamas’

This movie, available on Netflix, is very moving. During World War II, 8-year-old Bruno (Asa Butterfield) and his family leave Berlin to take up residence near the concentration camp where his father (David Thewlis) has just become commandant. Unhappy and lonely, he wanders out behind his house one day and finds Shmuel (Jack Scanlon), a... Continue Reading →

Eastern Europeans Nervous About Putin and Trump

One of the great success stories of the late 20th and early 21st century was the destruction of the Iron Curtain, liberation of the former Eastern Bloc or Warsaw Pact countries from Soviet tyranny, their embrace of free markets, and, with some limitations, economic integration into Europe. Spending 10 days in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland,... Continue Reading →

Charming Krakow

Forgot my manners in Krakow, Poland tonight. "Waiter, behind the Pol, can I have the Czech?" I said. 27 Jan Stovall, Ann Buie Loomis and 25 others Comments Dan Fesperman Must have been quite Hungary before that meal. Unlike · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 9:55pm Lucia Holliday Buie owww. Like · Reply · Yesterday... Continue Reading →

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