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If America’s First, Who’s Second?

The Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Lithuania, Denmark France, Norway, Iceland and Spain compete for second, to Trump’s America First. Vanity Fair offered highlights.

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14-Day Scandinavian Cruise

My siblings, Kathy Buie Vance and Ann Buie Loomis, and their husbands recently returned from a 14-day cruise of Scandinavia with They had a wonderful time (Facebook slideshow). Highlights were the Hans Christian Anderson┬áHouse and Museum in Odense, Denmark; … Continue reading

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Getting in Touch With Your Inner Viking

Click for History Channel Series, “The Vikings” On my recent trip to Scotland, I learned that I likely have Viking heritage, since the Vikings, or Norsemen, Danes, and Swedes, migrated to or invaded the Inner Hebrides islands and Ulster in … Continue reading

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Exploring Norway’s Fjords and the Stunningly Beautiful Town of Flam

Me in Flam, Norway with fjords. Eating fresh shrimp on the docks in Oslo, Norway with my friend Bill Winn. Matthew’s Photos

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Thor Heyerdahl and Kontiki Museum, Oslo

Thor Heyerdahl and Kontiki Museum, Oslo

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Norway in a Nutshell: Rick Steves on Bergen, Oslo, Fjords

Rick Steves on Bergen, Oslo, Fjords, and Norway in a Nutshell.

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‘10,000 Cowardly Swedes Ran Through The Weeds, Chased By One Courageous Norwegian’

I heard this poem on my first trip to Norway from a very proud Norwegian. Since my son Matthew (and my future grandson) have Norwegian ancestry, maybe they would like to memorize this poem: “The Battle of Copenhagen” Ten thousand … Continue reading

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