If America’s First, Who’s Second?

The Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Lithuania, Denmark France, Norway, Iceland and Spain compete for second, to Trump's America First.   Vanity Fair offered highlights.


14-Day Scandinavian Cruise

My siblings, Kathy Buie Vance and Ann Buie Loomis, and their husbands recently returned from a 14-day cruise of Scandinavia with GlobusJourneys.com. They had a wonderful time (Facebook slideshow). Highlights were the Hans Christian Anderson House and Museum in Odense, Denmark; Gustav Vigeland's sculptures in Oslo, Norway;  the Telemark region; Bergen; Sognefjord; Faguernes; Lillehammer; Gripsholm Castle, Mariefred Sweden; Old Town,... Continue Reading →

Getting in Touch With Your Inner Viking

Click for History Channel Series, "The Vikings" On my recent trip to Scotland, I learned that I likely have Viking heritage, since the Vikings, or Norsemen, Danes, and Swedes, migrated to or invaded the Inner Hebrides islands and Ulster in northern Ireland, establishing the kingdom of Dal Riata around 500 A.D. One of my distant... Continue Reading →

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