Tintagel, King Arthur’s Magical Birthplace, Where History Meets Legend

Tintagel, legendary place where King Arthur was born. Down below is Merlin's cave, with its magic, flat stones. My parents had a few of those stones for years, placed on the coffee table in their living room. At age 14, I spent six weeks based in Exeter, England with my parents and 17 other high... Continue Reading →


‘Idyllic’ Trip to England and France Chaperoning 18 Teenagers

Probably few adults would consider the idea of being surrogate parents to a gaggle of teenagers for six weeks to be a “glorious” and “idyllic” experience, but Lil and John Buie for decades recalled with the greatest fondness their trip to England and France in 1969 as chaperones to 18 high school students as part... Continue Reading →

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