About 125 Years Before William Conquered, the Anglo-Saxon Athelstan Ruled England

Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=103840 William of Normandy gets most of the fame as conqueror of England in 1066 and the first real English monarch, but I've been doing some reading on earlier monarchs, including the man modern historians now view as the first English or certainly Anglo-Saxon monarch, Athelstan orÆthelstan, circa 894-939, or King of the... Continue Reading →


After Romans Abandoned England, Germanic Saxons Migrated, Followed By William of Normandy, Who Conquered and United a Nation

As the Romans left Britain, the Saxons soon followed in 410 A.D. Their culture dominated England until the Norman invasion of 1066. "They replaced the Roman stone buildings with their own wooden ones, and spoke their own language, which gave rise to the English spoken today," the BBC reports. "The early settlers kept to small... Continue Reading →

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