Leiden, Netherlands: Pilgrims’ Base For 20 Years Before Boarding Mayflower

Americans rarely think of their personal fates tied to ancient history, but DNA reports and access to new databases tracing ancestry far into the past can change perceptions of who Americans are. Fourteen generations before me, one of my oldest known ancestors was Simon Symonson, born in Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands in 1510, according to Ancestry.com. He died... Continue Reading →


How Accurate Are Genealogical Records?

My DNA analysis suggests Swedes, Vikings, Northern and Southern European, including from the Iberian Peninsula in my ancient past. And about one percent of my DNA comes from sub-Saharan Africa. My oldest recorded Buie ancestor, Archibald Buie, was born on Jura in 1640. But according to Ancestry.com records, he died in Midlothia (Edinburgh, rather far... Continue Reading →

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