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Scottish Remained Clannish in America for Generations

How accurate are geneological records on I had assumed the Buies were genetically isolated for hundreds of years on the Isle of Jura, Scotland. But suggests they may have only inhabited Jura for only a few generations. My … Continue reading

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Did Grandfather x 6 Flee Switzerland to America Because He Murdered Someone?

From, I learned that my grandfather x six, Jacob Siegristen or Secrest, fled Zermott, Switzerland in the 1700s because he apparently murdered his father’s employer, a nobleman. Over in the states, he may have swindled Andrew Jackson’s father out of land, causing … Continue reading

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Did My Ancestors Really Move So Freely Around the British Isles?

What surprises me in tracing my ancestry is how easily people moved from England to Scotland to Ireland and the European continent, well before the era of trains, planes and automobiles. One branch of the family, originally DeShaw, can trace … Continue reading

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‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ BBC Series Explores Genealogy

A long-running British television series, “Who Do You Think You Are?” follows celebrities and regular people as they discover surprising things about their ancestors. Series home page. Some of the episodes are online. Some are posted on

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Quaint Thoughts About Ancestors and Bloodlines

Initially in 2004, the news that George W. Bush and John Kerry are ninth cousins seemed remarkable. On the surface, what were the odds that two opposing presidential candidates in America were cousins? And then in 2008, we learned that … Continue reading

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