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Kilmartin Glen, Site of Ancient Ancestors

In Western Scotland, on our way to the isle of Skye, my siblings and I visited Kilmartin, a small village in Argyll and Bute where some of our ancestors came from. It has one of the richest concentrations of prehistoric … Continue reading

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Descendant of Divine Hags?

In the Gaelic mythology of ancient Ireland, Wales and Scotland, a cailleach was “a divine hag, a creator deity and weather deity, and an ancestor deity.” More. My sister, Ann Buie Loomis, has discovered that one of the caelleach’s local … Continue reading

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St. Columba Brought Christianity to Scotland in the Sixth Century, and Still ‘Lives’ on the Isle of Iona

St. Columba was born in County Donegal, northern Ireland. According to legend, he copied a psalter, or devotional text derived from the Book of Psalms and belonging to Saint Finnian of Movilla Abbey. This might be called one of the first … Continue reading

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Eight Centuries of Scottish Monarchs Descended from Kenneth MacAlpin, First King of Scotland in 841

Kenneth MacAlpin became, according to national mythology, first King of Scotland, around 841. He was Celtic and spoke Gaelic. All the subsequent kings and queens of Scotland, up to Charles II in 1651, claimed descendancy from him. One of the biggest … Continue reading

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‘Five Denials on Merlin’s Grave’ by Robin Williamson

Robin Williamson, a Scottish raconteur and musician, retells the story of the prehistoric races of Britain, and why he believes historians got it wrong. Robin on Wikipedia. Robin’s website. I was lucky enough to hear him perform in Chapel Hill, … Continue reading

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How the Celts Saved Britain

“How the Irish saved Britain from cultural oblivion during the Dark Ages of 400-800AD, when the collapse of the Roman Empire left Britain in tatters. In the 5th century AD Roman ‘Britannia’ was plunged into chaos by the arrival of Anglo-Saxon … Continue reading

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