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Lure of the Irish

I’m trying to persuade my son to spend a semester abroad in Ireland. This makes the case. “Poetry reviewer Tess Taylor has just spent the past semester teaching in Belfast, Ireland. She talks about how Seamus Heaney poems and visions … Continue reading

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‘Book of Kells: Medieval Europe’s Greatest Treasure?’

“Monks created an illuminated Bible of astonishing beauty sometime between the 6th and 8th centuries. It’s one of the most cherished masterpieces in Ireland, writes Martha Kearney.” BBC report. Here are a couple of  my photos. The Trinity College Library displays … Continue reading

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St. Patrick Brought Christianity to Ireland in the 5th Century, and Remains Symbol of the Irish

Some 1500 years after he lived, Saint Patrick is still venerated across Ireland. Many places are still associated with him. But he was not a little man in a green outfit, a leprechaun, and he didn’t cast snakes out of Ireland.

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St. Columba Brought Christianity to Scotland in the Sixth Century, and Still ‘Lives’ on the Isle of Iona

St. Columba was born in County Donegal, northern Ireland. According to legend, he copied a psalter, or devotional text derived from the Book of Psalms and belonging to Saint Finnian of Movilla Abbey. This might be called one of the first … Continue reading

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Getting in Touch With Your Inner Viking

Click for History Channel Series, “The Vikings” On my recent trip to Scotland, I learned that I likely have Viking heritage, since the Vikings, or Norsemen, Danes, and Swedes, migrated to or invaded the Inner Hebrides islands and Ulster in … Continue reading

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Rainy Day, Upon Rainy Day, in Ireland and Scotland

Monsoon season in Southeast Asia has nothing on Ireland and Scotland. We caught far more rain on our northern European journey in July and August than in our Southeast Asian journey during the same season. “The Scottish landscape is so, … Continue reading

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A Few Highlights from the Irish Independence Movement

“We loved Ireland!” Lucia wrote family. “Felt we got the history down through repeated, varied exposures to Daniel O’Connell‘s Catholic Emancipation, the leaders of the Easter Uprising, and Eamon de Valera‘s leadership of the new Republic.  It was pointed out … Continue reading

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