Scottish Ancestors’ Religious History: Druids, Celtic Spirituality, Recusants, John Knox & Cross-eyed Archibald

I have often wondered how my Scottish ancestors evolved religiously, from druidism and mysticism to Celtic spirituality, to Christianity, and conversion by St. Columba to embracing a more formal Roman Catholicism. St. Columba, Apostle to the Picts. Then in the 1500s, they were likely swept up in the Protestant Reformation, a reaction against corruption in... Continue Reading →


500 Years Later, Assessing the Impact of Martin Luther’s Famous Break With the Catholic Church

Five hundred years after Saxon priest Martin Luther declared 95 Theses or complaints against the Catholic Church, resulting in his excommunication, the media is full of assessments of what this means for us today. Professor Andrew Pettegree, an expert on the Reformation from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, told Time magazine;  "There’s been a fair... Continue Reading →

‘Christendom Destroyed: 1517-1648’

Author Mark Greengrass, a professor emeritus of early modern history at the University of Sheffield: "The overall theme is that Christendom was a project which united western Christianity. The period following the Protestant Reformation witnessed the progressive and eventually comprehensive disintegration of that project, and the myth which lay behind it.  By 1650, Christendom lay devastated... Continue Reading →

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