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‘The Weird, Mystic Pull of Southwest England’

Tintagel, legendary place where King Arthur was born. Down below is Merlin’s cave, with its magic, flat stones. We had a few of those stones for years, placed on the coffee table in my parents’ living room. At age 14, … Continue reading

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Lure of the Irish

I’m trying to persuade my son to spend a semester abroad in Ireland. This makes the case. “Poetry reviewer Tess Taylor has just spent the past semester teaching in Belfast, Ireland. She talks about how Seamus Heaney poems and visions … Continue reading

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Wealthy London Vs. The Rest of Britain

“While much of the UK still struggles after the financial crash, one city is thriving. Money, companies and people are pouring into London like never before. Why is the capital so dominant? Is its success good or bad for Britain? … Continue reading

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Who’s Like the Scots?

“The average Englishman, in his home he calls his castle, puts on his national costume – A shabby Raincoat patented by Charles MacIntosh of Glasgow, Scotland. “He drives a car fitted with tires invented by John Boyd Dunlop of Dreghorn, … Continue reading

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Christmas Vacation in Europe

My son Matthew Buie-Nervik, his bride and not quite two-year-old son spent two weeks in Europe for the Christmas holidays 2016. “We just returned the tiny Fiat rental car today,” he wrote on Dec. 30. “We drove 3108 kilometers¬†(nearly 2000 … Continue reading

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Kilmartin Glen, Site of Ancient Ancestors

In Western Scotland, on our way to the isle of Skye, my siblings and I visited Kilmartin, a small village in Argyll and Bute where some of our ancestors came from. It has one of the richest concentrations of prehistoric … Continue reading

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30 Places to See in Europe

Of the 30 places the UK Telegraph says one must visit in Europe, I have seen 17: Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic; Gaudi’s Barcelona; Sistene Chapel, Italy; Acropolis, Greece; Aya Sofia, Istanbul; Blue Mosque, Istanbul; Sainte Chapelle, Paris; Red Square, … Continue reading

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