‘Boy in the Striped Pajamas’

This movie, available on Netflix, is very moving. During World War II, 8-year-old Bruno (Asa Butterfield) and his family leave Berlin to take up residence near the concentration camp where his father (David Thewlis) has just become commandant. Unhappy and lonely, he wanders out behind his house one day and finds Shmuel (Jack Scanlon), a... Continue Reading →


After Visiting Auschwitz, Can Life Be The Same?

"Work Will Set You Free" is the greeting in German ("Arbeit macht frei") as you enter the Auschwitz concentration camp, about an hour's drive from Krakow, Poland.  The most shocking thing I learned from a tour of Auschwitz was how profitable it was, thoughtfully designed to efficiently make money off the forced labor and mass... Continue Reading →

‘Shoes on the Danube’ Memorial

Memorial to Jews rounded up in Budapest, Hungary 1944-45, taken to Danube River, told to remove shoes, and shot by fascist Arrow Cross militiamen. Their bodies floated down river. Details. Posted by Jim Buie on Sunday, April 3, 2016

Vienna’s Long History of Anti-Semitism

Christ Before Pilate, 17th Century, unknown artist. This painting refers to the pogroms of the 15th century and reveals an enduring anti-Semitic tendency. The inscription at the bottom left reads: "With a bloodthirsty trial and judgement/So the godless Jews treated Jesus the Savior of the World. And such was found in Vienna, beneath the grown,... Continue Reading →

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