Tintagel, King Arthur’s Magical Birthplace, Where History Meets Legend

Tintagel, legendary place where King Arthur was born. Down below is Merlin's cave, with its magic, flat stones. My parents had a few of those stones for years, placed on the coffee table in their living room. At age 14, I spent six weeks based in Exeter, England with my parents and 17 other high... Continue Reading →


Wealthy London Vs. The Rest of Britain

"While much of the UK still struggles after the financial crash, one city is thriving. Money, companies and people are pouring into London like never before. Why is the capital so dominant? Is its success good or bad for Britain? And what should the rest of the country do? Evan Davis explores the story of... Continue Reading →

About 125 Years Before William Conquered, the Anglo-Saxon Athelstan Ruled England

Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=103840 William of Normandy gets most of the fame as conqueror of England in 1066 and the first real English monarch, but I've been doing some reading on earlier monarchs, including the man modern historians now view as the first English or certainly Anglo-Saxon monarch, Athelstan orÆthelstan, circa 894-939, or King of the... Continue Reading →

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