St. Vladimir Brought Christianity to Russia, or Kiev, Ukraine, in the 10th Century

One of my most memorable experiences in visiting Russia and Ukraine was how many churches and religious statues and symbols I saw in what was then, an officially atheist Soviet Union. Prince Vladimir I brought Christianity to Russia in the 10th Century. Here he is, overlooking the Dneiper River in Kiev, Ukraine, where he baptized... Continue Reading →


Recalling My Trip to Ukraine, and the Wonderful People There

By Matthew Buie-Nervik I hear that Ukraine is going through political turmoil. We shall hope that humanity and democracy will prevail. Not just for my friend’s sake, but for a country of incredible people and real culture. I say to my Ukrainian friends, keep protesting, pushing and prevailing, one small voice may not make a... Continue Reading →

Long-suffering Ukraine

Few in the West seem to remember the long-suffering history of Ukraine. As many as eight million Ukrainians were purposely starved to death by Soviet dictator Josef Stalin in the early 1930s. Yet this genocide did not prick the West's conscience like the Jewish Holocaust did, and certainly is not used as a major argument for Ukrainian... Continue Reading →

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