The Myth of European Nation-States Still Sways Opinion

Those annoyed by the requirements of the European Union often express nostalgia for a past that did not exist: the nation-state -- sovereign jurisdictions whose relatively homogeneous citizens or subjects spoke a common language and descended from a shared ethnicity.  These nation-states never actually existed for more than a few decades, Yale University European History Professor... Continue Reading →

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Despite Its Sinister Image, Russia Has Given the World Some of the Greatest Music Ever Composed

Steve Rosenberg, BBC Moscow Correspondent and a classical pianist, spends most of his time reporting on Russia's dark side: "everything from hacking to meddling in elections, to the annexation of Crimea, to Russia's military intervention in Eastern Ukraine. And of course the British government's conclusion that it was Moscow that orchestrated the Novichok nerve agent... Continue Reading →

Ukraine’s Strategic Importance to EU, US

I did not understand, until listening to this lecture, the strategic importance of Ukraine to the European Union, reaffirming the rule of law and establishing the sovereignty of the Ukranian nation-state. Russia is attempting to undermine all three. Dr. Timothy Snyder, a professor of European history at Yale University, suggests that both the EU and... Continue Reading →

Rule of Law, Democracy, Media Freedom At Risk in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Turkey

The rule of law, free expression, and judicial independence are at risk in a number of European countries, most notably Poland. The government has increased control over the news media, cracked down on public gatherings and restricted the activities of nongovernmental organizations, The New York Times reports."Now the party in power is moving aggressively to take control of... Continue Reading →

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