30 Places to See in Europe

Of the 30 places the UK Telegraph says one must visit in Europe, I have seen 17: Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic; Gaudi's Barcelona; Sistene Chapel, Italy; Acropolis, Greece; Aya Sofia, Istanbul; Blue Mosque, Istanbul; Sainte Chapelle, Paris; Red Square, Moscow; Brandenberg Gate, Germany; Colosseum, Rome, Italy; Ephesus, Turkey; Eiffel Tower, Paris; Alhambra, Spain; Pantheon,... Continue Reading →


Entering the World of Franz Kafka

I was entranced while in Prague to visit a museum dedicated to the life and work of Czech writer Franz Kafka (1883-1924). His letters, diaries and photographs are on display, along with 3-D installations. Reviews of the Museum on Trip Advisor. Reviews of the Museum on Google. Writing in the early part of the 20th century,... Continue Reading →

Descendant of Divine Hags?

In the Gaelic mythology of ancient Ireland, Wales and Scotland, a cailleach was "a divine hag, a creator deity and weather deity, and an ancestor deity." More. My sister, Ann Buie Loomis, has discovered that one of the caelleach's local names was Bui, and she was associated with the great passage tomb Knowth (Cnoc Bui).... Continue Reading →

The Face of Britain

 A History of the Nation Through Its Portraits By Simon Schama Illustrated. 603 pp. Oxford University Press. $39.95. NYT: "This splendid book by the historian and art critic Simon Schama could ­hardly be better timed, since it might plausibly be argued that “the face of Britain” changed on or about June 23, 2016. With the... Continue Reading →

5 Myths About the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages, from the 5th to the 15th centuries, from the fall of the Roman Empire to the adoption of the printing press and the beginning of literacy, is still referred to as the "Dark Ages." Matthew Gabriele, a professor of Medieval Studies at Virginia Tech, in a Washington Post column, takes exception to common... Continue Reading →

14-Day Scandinavian Cruise

My siblings, Kathy Buie Vance and Ann Buie Loomis, and their husbands recently returned from a 14-day cruise of Scandinavia with GlobusJourneys.com. They had a wonderful time (Facebook slideshow). Highlights were the Hans Christian Anderson House and Museum in Odense, Denmark; Gustav Vigeland's sculptures in Oslo, Norway;  the Telemark region; Bergen; Sognefjord; Faguernes; Lillehammer; Gripsholm Castle, Mariefred Sweden; Old Town,... Continue Reading →

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