Visits to Ancient Town of Ephesus, and Mother Mary’s Humble Abode

At "Mary's House" in Selçuk, Western Turkey, believed to be the home where the mother of Jesus lived out her last years, I learned that Muslims venerate Mary as a shining example of submitting to the will of God. Visiting the stone building is a humble and humbling experience. (Our photo essay.) Afterwards, we toured... Continue Reading →


Other-worldly Armenia

Photos of Armenia on I haven't made it to Armenia yet, but it seems like a fascinating place to spend a long weekend if the plane tickets are cheap.  When I first arrived in Turkey in 2009, there were strong hopes that the rift between the two countries -- and the hostile border --... Continue Reading →

Modern Greece and Turkey Explain Each Other

You Can't Really Understand Modern Turkey Without Understanding Greece After visiting Athens, it seemed strange to me that the Greeks and Turks don't get along better than they do. They share so much history -- both were a part of the Greco-Roman Empire -- so much culture, music and food, but in the 19th century... Continue Reading →

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