Innocents Abroad

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Watch This On Great Pleasure Excursion of 1867 was “chatted about in newspapers everywhere in America…” Participants “were to sail away in a great steamship with flags flying and cannon pealing, and take a royal holiday beyond the broad ocean, in many a strange clime and in many a land renowned in history! They were to sail for months over the breezy Atlantic and the sunny Mediterranean; they were to scamper about the decks by day, filling the ship with shouts and laughter—or read novels and poetry in the shade of the smoke-stacks, or watch for the jelly-fish and the nautilus, over the side, and the shark, the whale, and other strange monsters of the deep; and at night they were to dance in the open air, on the upper deck, in the midst of a ball-room that stretched from horizon to horizon, and was domed by the bending heavens and lighted by no meaner lamps than the stars and the magnificent moon—dance, and promenade, and smoke, and sing, and make love, and search the skies for constellations that never associate with the “Big Dipper” they were so tired of; and they were to see the ships of twenty navies—the customs and costumes of twenty curious peoples —the great cities of half a world—they were to hob-nob with nobility and hold friendly converse with kings and princes, Grand Moguls, and the anointed lords of mighty empires!” — Mark Twain, Innocents Abroad

Blog Posts

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1. Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain

2. Setting Off To Cruise the Mediterranean for 18 Days

3. Italy: Vatican, Colliseum and Italian Wine Are Awesome, But Rome Is Really Expensive and Service Sector Seemed Surly, Inefficient

4. Thrilling Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Princess Cruise Ship

5. Cruise Ships As Sweatshops for Lower Deck Workers

6. Can America Match the Glory That Was Rome?

7. Pompeii, Italy, Buried Under Volcanic Ash for 1700 Years, Comes Alive With Tourists, and Google’s Street View

8. Climbing the Acropolis in Athens, Visiting Greece, the Foundation of Western Civilization and Cradle of Democracy

9You Can’t Really Understand Modern Turkey Without Understanding Greece

10. Poignant Story of How Modern Greece and Turkey Were Formed

11. My Big Fat ‘Turkish’ Wedding?

12. Links Between Turks, Greeks and Americans

13. Greece: Photo Essay and History Lessons

14. Pyramids and Cairo, Egypt (in password-protected blog on Middle East)

15. Stroll Along Alexandria, Egypt’s Waterfront, Home to the New Library, Which Is Challenging Egyptians to Think Critically (in password-protected blog on Middle East)

16. Whither Egypt: Delicate If Not Contradictory Position of the US (in password-protected blog on Middle East)

17. Walked 7 Miles Around Cannes, and Took Cold Dip in French Riviera, in December!

18. Exuberant Barcelona, Spain

19. Rock of Gibraltar: Where Europe Meets Africa. Beneath It, the Gates of Hell

20. Comparing 19th Century Cruise to 21st Century Cruise

21. Too Long on Cruise Ship & Too Much of A Good Thing?

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